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General Construction and Roofing Projects

Customer Testimonials

  • Christine Merritt, Danbury

    “They did a great job The loss of heat and cooling was reduced from78%to 38%. VERY PROFESSIONAL."

  • Mildred Sullivan, Rockyhill

    “workers were knowledgable and polite. I have had this work done before, andthey were the best.”

  • Joseph Sena, Rocky Hill

    “very pleased with audit and extremely pleased with techs. Very prompt and aware of customers privacy as I work from home. Would highly recommend these guys.”

Step 1: A potential project is received. This can either be an insurance claim that was sent directly to MacKenzie Restoration from the insurance company, or this can be received directly from a client, (usually one who will be paying for the project themselves).

Step 2: A restoration coordinator is scheduled to visit the loss site and evaluate the damage. From this visit, the restoration coordinator writes an estimate based on the scope of loss. 

Step 3: The estimate will be submitted for approval. If this is an insurance claim, the estimate is sent to the insurance carrier first, and upon approval, it is then sent to the client. If it is not an insurance claim, the estimate is submitted directly to the client for approval.

Step 4: Once the estimate is approved, a contract will be sent to the client for their signature, authorizing the work to begin. (If this is an insurance claim, the deductible will need to be paid at this point).

Step 5: When the contract has been signed and returned to MacKenzie Restoration, a project manager will be assigned to the project by the Assignment Coordinator.

Step 6: The project manager will set up a pre-construction conference (PCC) at the client's property, at which the project manager, the subcontractor(s), and the client will be present to discuss and set the expectations for the project’s duration.

Step 7: After the PCC has been completed, the project manager and subcontractor(s) will develop a supply list and purchase the supplies needed to complete the project.

Step 8: The repairs are ready to begin. The project manager will coordinate all appointments with the client, including when the subcontractor(s) will perform work. The project manager will stay in constant communication with the client throughout the project.

Step 9: When the repairs have been completed, the project manager will perform a walk-through of the project with the client to address any final questions or concerns.

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