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Green Insulation Options in Fairfield & New Haven County, Connecticut

Protect your home with green insulation

Insulating your home is as important as having locks on doors to keep unwanted elements out. Insulation is important to a home because it keeps the air inside your home at the temperature you want it to have. So if you want a warm house in the winter or a cool house in the summer, insulation is what you need to keep outside elements from affecting the temperature inside your home. Insulation also helps your heaters and coolers work efficiently, thereby lowering your energy consumption and costs.

Now that we have established that insulation is a must-have for all homes, you will then be faced with numerous choices for insulating your home. One such choice that you may have heard about recently is green insulation. What is green insulation and why should you choose this over other insulation types? Is green insulation ideal for your home? What limitations, if any, does green insulation have?

Understanding Green Insulation and If It Is Suitable for Your Home

Essentially, when you say something is "green," this does not always pertain to its color but rather to its being environmentally friendly. When you say you are using green insulation, you are saying that your insulation is kind to the environment. A usual material utilized for insulation is fiberglass, which uses a resin that produces formaldehyde gas that is not only harmful to the people who breathe it in, but also to the environment in general. This is because it has been seen as a substance that can damage crops and materials via the formation of ground level of ozone.

Alternatives to fiberglass as an insulation material include all natural materials such as sheep’s wool, cellulose (which is made mostly out of recycled newspaper), and cotton. These are all mostly organic materials that will not harm the environment and will not cause people in homes respiratory problems and even cancer that is sometimes associated with the resins used in fiberglass insulation. Most of these are also recycled, like cotton insulation which is made from leftover fabric used in making denim pants and jackets, making them truly environmentally friendly.

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Other options for green insulation include materials that may not seem like they are environmentally friendly, but are actually recyclable and longer lasting, making these ideal options for those who want more durable and easy to install insulation choices. One choice you have is Rigid Polystyrene, which is actually a plastic that is recyclable. Not only will this material last a long time, but it is also strong enough to add a level of durability to your home. Another choice is spray-on foam insulation, which is made out of castor oil.

If you live in Fairfield or New Haven, CT and you want to find out whether or not green insulation is right for your home, as well as what kind of green insulation material you should use, contact Climate Partners today at 203-457-8581 for more information. You can also reach us through our Contact Us page here.

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