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Slant/Fin (Heating/Boilers) in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT

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During the months of winter, the below zero temperatures can be very unforgiving, and the only way to survive through this weather is to keep yourself warm. Now, for some homeowners, they utilize their fireplaces and stoves to combat the extreme cold by warming up a specific area of the room, or getting water to boil into a saucepan to be able to take a nice warm bath. Although these home installments are efficient and aesthetically pleasing, they can, however, become dangerous. They are known to be some of the causes of winter fires. Their flames can be caused by simple miscalculations, like not observing the fire, or forgetting to douse it with water before bed; but one thing is for sure: nobody wants to wake up to the smell of smoke and the sounds of fire alarms.

You can avoid this potential in-home disaster, and at the same time, feel comfortable during the winter, if you decide to have heaters and boilers installed into your homes.

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Heaters and boilers are a kind of heating system that runs on electricity. Even though it does need electrical power in order to work, it is still a better alternative than having the conventional fireplace on for a long period of time, or boiling water on the stove. Since they rely on electricity, the probability of starting a fire decreases. Also, it can be installed virtually anywhere inside the building – making it a versatile and modern installment for your property. The best feature, however, is its ability to produce green energy, because it does not rely on wood or coal to keep your home’s indoor temperature just the way you like it.

Slant/Fin Heater and Boiler Systems Now Available at Climate Partners

Keeping yourselves comfortable and warm, when you need it the most, is the greatest feeling in the world. It is not supposed to put you in any form of danger, nor does it have to be complicated. That is why we, at Climate Partners, have dedicated ourselves to provide the safest, up-to-date, and right for the budget systems, to all properties located in the surrounding areas of Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT.

We teamed up with Slant/Fin, America’s largest manufacturer of baseboard heating equipment, in hopes to provide the best heater and boiler systems to your home. If you are interested in purchasing one of Slant/Fin’s heater boiler systems, please give us a call at: 203-457-8581 or by simply visiting our contact page here.

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