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American Standard Kitchen & Bathroom Products in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT

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Plumbing fixtures are essential elements that make a kitchen or a bathroom complete and functional. They also make chores less aggravating to do and give you better access to your water supply. Though many of them look and operate the same way, their respective manufacturers make all the difference.

Oftentimes, sanitary fittings made by well-known and established names outperform generic ones. It’s not surprising to hear this since they use quality materials and have a reputation for creating innovative products.

As such, Climate Partners made sure that properties in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, Connecticut will only receive the best plumbing brands in the country. Included in our list of companies is none other than American Standard.

Get Your American Standard Fittings at Climate Partners

American Standard is one of the most well-known plumbing fixture brands in the world. You’ve seen its name on numerous toilets or sinks, and it’s all thanks to the company’s 140 years of tradition and quality innovation.

American Standard has always manufactured high performing hardware, stylish sinks, and faucets, as well as whirlpool tubs and other wellness items. The company’s products also cater to various properties, from single floor homes to multiple story hotels, so you can definitely find items that suit your preferences.

Interested in purchasing American Standard products? Don’t hesitate to contact Climate Partners. Our friendly operators will be happy to give you more information on the products, as well as a free estimate.

You can also ask our plumbing experts to help you find pieces that suit your needs and budget. Plus, our licensed technicians will gladly deliver your purchases and install them for you, so you won’t have to do any of the complicated work. Give us a call at 203-457-8581 and experience hassle-free plumbing services with us today.

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