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Ceiling Insulation in New Haven and Fairfield Counties, CT

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Hot air rises, so for most homes making them easier and cheaper to heat properly starts with good ceiling insulation. It’s generally the easiest, cheapest and most effective insulation to install.

Ceiling insulation is a good way to lower your utility costs, but it is important not to install too much insulation. Insulation can be heavy, and any time that you add additional weight to your roof, you should be aware of the potential impact on your home. Before installing ceiling insulation, look carefully at the support materials. The joists should be firm, with no cracks in the boards or between boards. If your attic is finished, the floor should be firmly attached to the joists, with no hint of separation. If you are concerned that your attic is not in a condition to hold the additional weight of ceiling insulation, consult with an experienced contractor.

We offer products from such prestigious companies as Owens Corning.

Keeping Insulation Simple

Insulating your home – ceiling, walls or under­floor – is basically a process of filling the gaps between your house framing with an effective thermal barrier.

You need the right insulation for the job – wall insulation for walls, ceiling insulation for ceilings, underfloor for floors.

You need the right insulation for your area – colder areas need a higher “R” rating.

You need to be accurate – insulation should be cut slightly oversize for a “friction” fit. "Too small" leaves gaps and "too big" compresses the insulation material, reducing its effectiveness.

And you need to be safe. You’ll be working around electrical wiring and pipes and you’ll be working in awkward spaces; if you’re up in the roof space, there’s always the danger of stepping between the framing and falling through the ceiling. Just follow the recommended safety procedures and safety-wear guidelines.

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Checklist for Ceiling Insulation

To get a suitable, effective ceiling insulation product, choose one that is:

Fit for purpose - it should be intended for installation in roofs or ceilings.

A high R-value - R-value is a measurement of the insulation's effectiveness, the higher the R-value, the better.

The right width - you need the correct width for the spacing of ceiling joists, roof trusses or rafters, if you’re going to insulate in between.

The right thickness (for normal and particularly skillion roofs) - you need to keep at least a 25mm gap between the insulation and the roof underlay.

Compliant with the testing Standard AS/NZS 4859.1 – so you know the product works as stated.  Look for the compliance statement on the insulation packaging.

Check out:

Performance guarantees offered by insulation manufacturers on their products

The manufacturer's instructions for safely and correctly handling and installing the insulation.

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