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Reviewed By: Don F.
Location: Stratford, CT 06614

Helpfulness of office staff 5 Stars5
Speed of response 5 Stars5
Called Ahead 5 Stars5
Explanation of Options 5 Stars5
Cleanliness of work area 5 Stars5
Technician appearance 5 Stars5
Overall experience 5 Stars5
Likelihood you'd recommend us 5 Stars5
Comment Great service! I'm a new customer, but the previous homeowner had the A/C system installed and serviced by Climate Partners. When it started making a noise, I called them and they came right out. They diagnosed the issue and got me a replacement part (covered by manufacturer's warranty - I didn't have to do a thing; they handled all the warranty paperwork). I got phone calls and e-mails letting me know the status of the new part, which had to be shipped from out of state. As soon as it came they called me, and then Tony was here completing the repair within two hours. Tony was fantastic. He explained everything I needed to know about the A/C system as its new owner, showed me how to replace the filter, and made recommendations for general maintenance that I might need to keep things running hassle free. I'm almost always disappointed by the service industry, lately... I'm getting older (and grumpier), and it seems that service providers are getting worse at, well, everything. Not these guys, I'm happy to report. Prompt, courteous, knowledgable, and they follow through. I will hire them again, without hesitation. I'm going to use them for my heating system, too.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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