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Bob Pallace - Comfort Consultant

Company Name: Climate Partners

Employee Name: Bob Pallace

Job Title: Comfort Consultant

Residence (City, ST): Milford, CT

Family (spouse name, kids, pets): Amy, Merlin the cat, & Nala the dog

Hometown: East Haven, CT

Certifications: General In-Home Consultation Certified, 15 years customer services, 2 1/2 years of HVAC service

Favorite Teams: Buffalo Bills, Boston Red Sox

Hobbies: Bowling, Disc golf, Building drones, Hiking


"I always liked learning new things so when the opportunity arose to take my years of customer service to the next level with a 4th generation company, I jumped at the chance."

Bob Pallace

Biopic Bob Pallace

What do you like about your job: "No two days doing this is ever the same. Every day is a new challenge to over come."

Why do you like working for Climate Partners: "I enjoy the close knit family atmosphere. Working for a company that puts the customer first."

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