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Job completed for Tony J

Completion date: December 18, 2015

Customer type: Residential

Location: Trumbull, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer called to get a free estimate for a new Central A/C system for his 2nd floor.

What challenges did we face?

The unit was about 9 years old and had no regular maintenance. Unit worked for part of last summer then stopped working. Air handler is in attic with no access.

Solutions provided:

Advised customer that the air handler should have sufficient access to be able to get in & out of the attic and service it. Recommended a contractor to help customer get attic hatch installed so that we can access air handler and provide a free estimate for replacement. Since the life expectancy of a central air system is 12-15 years, and this unit has not had maintenance in 9 years and stopped working - we recommended that he have hatch installed and Central A/C replaced in early spring (March) to take advantage of seasonal discounts.

Team members on this project:


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