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Job completed for Kerim A

Completion date: December 16, 2015

Customer type: Residential

Location: West Haven, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer had a a rental property with a Peerless gas boiler that was not working. Boiler was starting up and then immediately shutting back down. He was looking for a licensed contractor that could repair his boiler.

What challenges did we face?

Customer had a tenant that was working late and would not be home until 8pm. Also landlord wanted us to call him for approval on any repairs estimates before completing work.

Solutions provided:

We were able to send an on-call technician, who arrived at 8pm. He was able to review the sequence of operations for the Peerless boiler and determine that the unit had a bad thermistor. Removed and replaced faulty thermistor and unit started up.

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