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Job completed for Patty E

Completion date: March 9, 2016

Customer type: Residential

Location: Orange, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer wanted to get yearly maintenance done for her American Standard Central A/C

What challenges did we face?

Customer is an older woman who wanted to sleep in rather than have an early AM appointment.

Solutions provided:

We were able to schedule customer in a convenient mid-morning appointment and get her yearl maintenance done before the A/C season gets here.  Performed a 14-point tune up.  Started at thermostat and confirmed it cycled system on & off; changed air filter; cleared debris off of condenser coil; oiled outdoor fan motor; inspected & tightened electrical connections; checked operation of safety controls; checked & adjusted Freon level; cleared condensate drain; check & record temperature drops.  Found that capacitors were less than 90% of their rating so recommended changing the capacitors before they failed and caused a breakdown.

Team members on this project:


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