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Job completed for Cliff C

Completion date: March 4, 2016

Customer type: Residential

Location: Shelton, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer was referred by his uncle who told him "Climate Partners" is the best.  Customer has a ranch style house with no Central A/C and wanted a FREE estimate to see options to install Central Air Conditioning system.

What challenges did we face?

Customer has baseboard heat - no ductwork, and a finished basement.  Entire A/C system needs to be installed in his attic.

Solutions provided:

We set up and exact time for a comfort consultant to arrive at customers home so he did not have to miss time from his work.  Our comfort consultant provided a free load calculation to determine the size of the system it will require.  Also did a free duct design and provided a customer with an estimate right on site on the first visit.  

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