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Job completed for John B

Completion date: January 18, 2016

Customer type: Residential

Location: Stratford, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer had us out to do a maintenance on his Central A/C in the summer.  He was very pleased with our level of customer service so he asked if we could also do a Heating Maintenance for his Tempstar gas furnace.

Solutions provided:

Performed a 14-point tune up for his Tempstar natural gas furnace.  Started at the thermostat to turn unit on and make sure it cycles on and off.  Inspected and tightened all electrical connections.  Changed air filter.  Inspected heat exchanger.  Performed a complete combustion analysis and checked for Carbon Monoxide leakage.  Checked gas pressure and found that it was low.  Gas valve should supply 3.5" W.C. to burners and this unit was only supplying 3.25.  Incoming gas pressure from the street was 4.5" W.C. so advised that gas valve was starting to fail and recommended repalcement.  Also tested the blower capacitor - it was putting out less than 90% of the microFarad rating.  Anytime a capacitor is putting out less than 90% of its microFarad rating there is a chance it will not allow the motor to run.  It also may cause premature failure of the motor.  Reviewed all options with the customer so he could weigh his options and decide which worked best for him.  

Team members on this project:


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