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Understanding Temperature Zoning for Cooling and Heating

Understanding Temperature Zoning for Cooling and HeatingWhen it comes to home comfort, not everyone living in the same house wants the same thing. Some people want their rooms to be warmer while others want them cooler.

If your home comes with an HVAC system that is centralized, all of your rooms will be the same temperature. In all likelihood, selected rooms will be too cold for some residents while others will consider them too warm. In situations like this, a temperature zoning solution for cooling and heating comes in handy.

What is Zoned Cooling and Heating?

When you want each person in your home to have control over the comfort level in their room, a zoned cooling and heating system is what you need. Zoning will give each person the power to set a unique temperature in each room. This is achieved with the use of thermostats in each zone and dampers in your duct system controlled by the individual thermostats.

With a zoned system, there is less bickering and more comfort for each person in your home. When a person wants to adjust the temperature in his or her room, the dampers open or close just enough to let the right amount of warm or cold air into that room. Even with a centralized system, with this modification, you will be able to customize the heating and cooling of each room without the need for a new HVAC system.

Another benefit with a zoned system is lower utility bills. Because you can control whether a room gets heated or cooled with individual thermostats, you can choose to not heat or cool rooms that are not in use. For example, if you want to turn off the heating in your living room when everyone is asleep, you can do so with this system.

If you want a zoned system for your home, you should consider a ductless heat pump. It does the same job as a ducted HVAC system with zoning control but without the need for extensive ductwork to be installed in your home. This is also a great idea for those who want an economical HVAC system for their new home.

Climate Partners Can Help You with Your Zoning Needs

For those who are considering shifting to a zoned cooling and heating system for their home in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT the company you should call is Climate Partners. We specialize in HVAC systems that include ducted and ductless options. We also do duct cleaning, duct sealing, and duct installation. Simply contact us at 203-457-8581 for your heating and cooling concerns and we will gladly help you with what you need.

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