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Preparing Your Home for Summer Heat

Preparing Your Home for Summer HeatOnce the cold winter months have passed, your next concern is to prepare your home for the onslaught of summer. While summer may be a welcome change for many who hate the freezing cold, it is not without its challenges. Summer can also bring about extreme weather conditions, and being prepared for whatever may come is what you need to do to ensure that you and your family are comfortable when the warm temperatures arrive.

Before you feel the summer heat and humidity, you should prepare your home for it. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Have your air-conditioning system tuned up – Properly maintaining your air-conditioning system before summer arrives will help you avoid breakdowns and improper cooling. This will help keep you and your family stay cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months.
  • Improve air circulation with ceiling fans – If you don’t have ceiling fans, it might be a good idea to install some before summer arrives. Ceiling fans circulate conditioned air throughout the room where they are located, creating more comfortable temperatures at a minimal expense. If you already have ceiling fans, you should clean them and make sure they are working properly.
  • Check your home for ventilation leaks – If you are planning on using your AC for most of the summer months, you should make sure that there are no ventilation leaks. Check your ductwork, windows, doors, and insulation to ensure that your AC blows cool air and leaks do not permit warm air to creep in.
  • Cover your windows during the day – Another suggestion before summer arrives is to install drapes or blinds on windows that are in the direct line of the sun. You will need to keep these windows covered during the day to prevent the heat of the sun from penetrating through. This will also help keep your AC from working too hard to keep your home cool. It should also lower your utility bills.
  • Try to reduce humidity inside your home – One thing that tends to increase the heat inside a home is the humidity level. When there is too much moisture inside a home, it clings to your skin and makes you feel sticky, even with your AC running. Use a dehumidifier in areas that are prone to excess moisture or have exhaust fans installed to help combat the creation of humidity.

Preparing your home for the summer does not need to be a daunting task. If you are unsure how to proceed, particularly when it comes to dehumidifiers, HVAC maintenance, and ductwork cleaning, be sure to call Climate Partners in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CT. We are a company that can help you prepare your home for summer. All you need to do is to contact us at 203-457-8581 and we will gladly help you with what you need.

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