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Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Having a plumbing emergency can be one of the most stressful and expensive things that can happen to any homeowner or commercial property owner. Not only will you have to deal with the cause of the plumbing catastrophe, you’ll also have to get the Water damage repaired and restored. Otherwise, your property could end up being overwhelmed by health issues due to mold and mildew, along with structural weaknesses because of wood rot and rampant rust.

The best option is to ensure that these plumbing emergencies don’t happen in the first place – or at the very least, minimize the chances of them happening. To help with that, here’s a list of some common plumbing emergencies and ways to avoid them.

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  • Toilet overflow. A toilet can overflow with just one flush if something is clogging the pipes. To prevent this from happening, avoid flushing down anything except septic-safe toilet paper. Paper towels, tissues, wrappers, baby wipes, diapers and even dental floss can create a blockage in your plumbing serious enough to cause an overflow. Also, using too much toilet paper can creat a clog that leads to an overflow. One quick way to stop any further overflow while you call the plumber is to turn off the water supply valve beneath the toilet tank.
  • Burst or frozen pipe. Many homes, especially those in warmer climates, have pipes that are located near the surface or above ground. Should the temperature get too low, however, there’s a chance that the water flowing in these pipes could freeze, causing not only a hard blockage but also cracking or bursting. If this happens to you, immediately turn off your main water supply and turn on the taps in your home to fully drain your pipes of water. Call a plumber immediately to handle the situation.
  • Clogged shower drains. This is a common issue that can make showering unpleasant. A clogged drain usually is caused by a tangled knot of hair, dirt, grease or even soap. A large knot of debris, or multipe knots deep within the drain pipe, can be diffcult to remove. It is wise to seek professional help.
  • Broken water heater. Water heaters are designed to constantly refill themselves with hot water for on-demand use. If you water heater leaks, it will continue to refill itself with water that will flow through the area of your leak and create indoor water damage. Stopping this issue ASAP is crucial and requres a call to a plumbing professional.

Whatever your plumbing emergency, simply contact Climate Partners and you can have it fixed in no time flat, wherever you are in the New Haven and Fairfield Counties area. Call 203-457-8581 to have our team of plumbing specialists handle your plumbing emergency with speed and professionalism. We also offer services related to air conditioning, heating, and electrical services.

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