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Heat Pumps or Air Conditioners?

Heat Pumps or Air Conditioners

When you are ready to install a new cooling system for your home, it is natural for you to think about air-conditioning. It is, after all, the go-to system for most homeowners. What some people may not understand is that there is a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning when it comes to cooling your home. That budget-conscious option is a heat pump.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump can be used to warm and cool your home, just like a central AC system. It exchanges indoor air for outdoor air to regulate the temperature inside your home.

When it is warm outside, you can use your heat pump to cool your home. This is done in the same way as an AC unit, with the warm air inside the home being pulled into the internal unit and being pumped out of the home.

To warm up a home, a heat pump does the opposite. It pulls warm air from outside into its external unit and pumps it throughout your home to warm it up. This system is ideal for homes in areas that experience warm summers and mild winters, but are not considered a good heating choice for homes in places where winters can be harsh.

The biggest difference between a heat pump and a traditional AC is that traditional air-conditioning systems pump cool air back into your home. In addition to removing warm air from your home, an AC will cool down the air it circulates back into your home to cool it down.

Choose to Install a Heat Pump Instead of Just an AC

If your Connecticut home in New Haven or Fairfield County needs both a heating and cooling system, your most cost-effective choice would be to have a heat pump installed by the proven professionals from Climate Partners. This is also an energy-efficient option that will save money on your utility bills.

For years, Climate Partners has been in the business of installing air-conditioning systems, heating systems, and ductless heat pumps. We also install water heaters, perform home energy evaluations, and repair and maintain your ductwork. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your home’s heating and cooling needs by calling 203-457-8581 today. We can send over one of our specialists at your home to give you a free assessment and estimate.

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