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The Health and Energy-Saving Benefits of Basement and Crawl Space Insulation

Home benefitting from insulation

Feeling the fluctuations of air temperature blowing on your skin is an uncomfortable experience. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold; and rarely does it ever feel just right. There is, however, an option to evenly distribute the temperature that circulates the home; that option is called Insulation.

Why Insulate?

Insulation is an innovative way to not only evenly distribute air temperature within the home, but to also live an energy efficient and healthy lifestyle. With insulation, the
temperature within the building evens out. It never gets too hot, or too cold, giving less reason to turn on the fan, the heater, or the air-conditioner; reducing the cost of your electric bill. Insulation also provides some health benefits as well, such as: decreasing your carbon footprint and reducing asthma attacks significantly.

Where can I Insulate?

There are numerous places at home where insulation can be installed, which will optimize your home to maximize comfort. These include the attic, the air ducts, and even the garage. Two of the common places to insulate, however, are the basement and the crawl space.

Basement Insulation

There are two ways to install insulation in the basement: either the basement ceiling or walls. However, installing in the basement is also known to have its disadvantages when it comes to moisture control. Because of this, insulating the basement can be a bit costly depending on the materials that will be used, and if a perimeter drainage system is also being installed. It is also susceptible to being infiltrated by insects.

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Though these disadvantages seem alarming, it is good to know that if the insulation is installed by professional companies, the challenges can be avoided. And if you are bothered by the cost of the installment, think of it as an investment. Installment is just a one-time buy, but the benefits last much longer.

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation also does the job of evenly distributing air temperature. But unlike the basement, crawl space insulation has two differences. First, it is preferred that the walls be insulated and not the ceiling. Finally, crawl space insulation eliminates the presence of moisture.

By optimizing your home, you are able to evenly distribute the circulation of the air temperature. With home insulation, you are able to live comfortably, save more money, and live a healthier lifestyle, all at the same time.

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