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Does Air Conditioning Help Control Humidity in your Home?

Does Air Conditioning Help Control Humidity in your Home?

During the warm summer months, it is a blessing to have an air-conditioning unit to lower the temperature inside your home. Sometimes, however, it is not the heat of the sun that causes a person to feel sticky and warm. This can be caused by humidity.

Can an air-conditioning unit help when humidity causes your home to feel uncomfortable? Find out the answer below:

Air Conditioning Can Keep Humidity at Bay

Yes, having an air-conditioning unit to keep your home cool can also lower the humidity inside your house. This is because of the evaporator coil on your HVAC unit. This coil collects the moisture from the air around you, which is basically what humidity is – warm and moist air.

Because the coil is cool, it condensates the water gathered from the air and drains it away from the unit. This is how air-conditioning helps to control humidity in an enclosed environment. This is also this same unit helps keep the air inside your home cool and comfortable, since it does remove the warm moist air from your home.

Other Ways to Control Humidity in Your Home

Aside from letting your AC system limit the humidity in your home, there are other ways to get rid of warm, moist air. One way you can get rid of humidity is to use a home dehumidifier. When humidity levels are too high for your AC to handle effectively, a dehumidifier is a wonderful option.

Using a dehumidifier instead of lowering the thermostat on your AC can be a cost-effective way to cool your home without raising your energy consumption. Simply run your dehumidifier to get rid of any hot and moist air in your home and run your AC afterward. You will not only reduce your energy bills, you will prolong the life of your AC unit because it will not have to work as hard.

Finding the Best AC System & Dehumidifier Combo

Combining a quality AC unit with a dependable dehumidifier is a great way to beat the summer heat and humidity. Climate Partners can help you on both fronts. We're a company with years of experience handling heating and cooling issues for homes, offices, and other establishments. Our certified technicians are experts in air-conditioning installation, air-conditioning maintenance, and other HVAC concerns that you might have.

To find out how Climate Partners can help you with your humidity, cooling, and heating needs, contact us online or give us a call at 203-457-8581 for an assessment and to get a free estimate. Climate Partners serves customers in New Haven and Fairfield Counties, Connecticut.


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