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The Benefits of Going Green: Using Renewable Energy Sources to Power Your Home

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Over the years, our planet has been suffocating from the harmful substances that have been caused by pollution. Be it from the land, air, or sea, waste that is not properly disposed of is slowly poisoning Earth. Pollution has been a major problem for decades; if it is not resolved or dealt with in the coming years, it will place a serious strain on our environment, giving Earth perhaps little chance to properly bounce back.

Fortunately, there are people who have not ignored Earth’s cries for help; and they have created solutions that could help the planet heal while reducing the amount of pollution generated by people every day.

Reducing your carbon footprint does not always have to be grand in nature; one of the easiest and simplest things you can do to help our environment is to power your home with renewable energy.

What is Renewable Energy?

Putting it in simpler terms, renewable energy is energy that is generated from sources that continuously replenish themselves; a natural process of regeneration if you will. Because of its constant presence, it is nearly impossible to completely run out of energy, thus, making it a dependable alternative for sources of energy.

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Types of Renewable Energy Sources You Can Use at Home

Depending on the location, type, and size of your property, you are able to choose from various types of renewable energy sources for your home. However, not all types are suitable for home use or are environmentally friendly; therefore, among all of the options available, only three are suitable for practical home use.

Solar Power

Starting off with the most popular choice is solar power. You can purchase solar paneling systems for the roofs of your home or install window solar cells to be able to harness the energy of the sun. The cells that are embedded in these systems convert the sun’s rays into energy and distribute it throughout the house.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are more suitable for properties that are at least an acre wide and experience moderate to high wind activity; so businesses like farms are perfect places to build a wind turbine. Now, the wind turbine doesn’t have to be as big as the ones you see on television; as long as it adheres to your local permit and zoning requirements, you can reduce your energy costs up to 90 percent.

Hydropower Systems

For properties that have a stream, creek, or other water sources nearby, installing a small hydropower system is a great choice. By utilizing all the available resources in your property, you are able to reduce your energy cost significantly; however, if you are considering this system, you have to determine the amount of power that you can obtain from the running water and you need to also consider the permits and water rights before installation.

What Are The Benefits?

Saving the Planet

Earth is the only habitable planet in our entire solar system. If we lose it, we have nowhere else to live. Pollution is the biggest cause that is harming our planet and it is our responsibility as human beings to remedy that problem. Switching to renewable energy means that you no longer rely on energy that is being produced through coal, oil, natural gas, or gasoline; thus, reducing pollution production significantly.

Low Energy Costs

Some systems store and save electricity so that during blackouts you will be able to use electrical appliances. It is also because of these systems that you are able to produce sustainable energy on your own; thus, releasing you from electrical company dependency.

Going green is the smartest choice to make your home not only comfortable to live in, but also environmentally friendly. By just choosing one type of renewable energy, you are able to solve numerous problems that concern you and your environment.

If you decide to make the switch today, then we, at Casey’s Climate Partners, are just the people you need to help get you properly started. We offer energy solutions and installations such as insulation, air sealing, and ductwork, which could help lower your energy consumption and cost. Call:203-457-8581 or visit our contact page to know more! We service the surrounding areas of New Haven and Fairfield, Connecticut.

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