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Quality Home Comfort Award Runners Up

a magazine article discussing the quality home comfort runner up given to climate partners.

Swimming in Comfort

Climate Engineering was recognized as a runner up for the Home Quality Comfort Awards. They were presented the award on behalf of the project designer, Tom Casey Jr., who is also the lead sales engineer at Climate Partners and Climate Engineering.

Casey designed a system that incorporates an “endless pool” with powerful water pumps that create a current to swim against. The system was an addition to the existing house that was mostly a glass room with tile floors over an enclosed crawl space. The design had to consider and surpass a slew of issues including keeping condensation from the high humidity levels, off the glass and floor surfaces.

Another problem to consider was the small nature of the room and the physical restrictions presented by pool equipment and size. The system also had to have the ability to modulate its performance based on actual load since it would only be used occasionally.

Comfort System Description

An outdoor condenser was installed outside the boiler room, at the rear of the house and the air handler was mounted horizontally in the crawl space, near the boiler. The hot water coil bolts directly onto the discharge of the air handler and the supply duct system penetrates the old foundation then splits into two directions to feed supply grilles on the three-sided room.

Two linear bar grilles border the elevated pool to provide air coverage along the glass surface by balancing the room and spreading air along the exterior surfaces. The return duct also penetrates the foundation in a similar fashion, and is terminated in the pump equipment enclosure with a grille mounted in the face of the construction. Temperature controls were mounted on the wall above the intake grille and the dehumidistat was mounted in the return duct, directly behind the intake grille. A fresh air intake was ducted to the return plenum, and radiant under-floor heating is provided from the boiler, to temper the tile.

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