Climate Partners Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

Climate Partners® strives to provide the best experience possible for our valued customers.  Please, take some time to read our client reviews below!

Xavier Alvarez
Xavier Alvarez 5.0

Our technician Anthony did an awesome job. He was punctual and answered any questions we had with honesty. It was an enjoyable experience.

Peter Shukis
Peter Shukis 4.0


Allan Wong
Allan Wong 5.0

Very professional!!!

Linda DePino
Linda DePino 5.0

Very professional company.

Joan Mall
Joan Mall 5.0

Jose was terrific. Knowledgeable and friendly.

Michael Wynn
Michael Wynn 5.0

Mike Guman
Mike Guman 5.0

I called with a problem and they sent out a technician who solved my problem for today

tgko2000 5.0

Ann Williams
Ann Williams 5.0

Lauren Napoli
Lauren Napoli 5.0

Consistently offering professional and responsive service for my clients who live abroad, I would highly recommend Climate Partners to anyone. Alex was instrumental in arranging a last minute repair for us this evening and Victor did a terrific job ...fixing the problem, all within hours and late on a Friday...Read More...

joe scar
joe scar 5.0

Victor did a great job . I will be requesting Victor every time I need service .

Mz Gibson
Mz Gibson 5.0

Victor is so professional and knowlegeable. I love that he educates you as he's working. He was respectful of my home and worked diligently to resolve the issue.

Jai Rajani
Jai Rajani 5.0

Grisel Rivera
Grisel Rivera 5.0

Joseph C Callahan
Joseph C Callahan 5.0

Five stars to the whole crew!

John ONeil
John ONeil 1.0

They may be a great company but They don’t make the promised time. Appointment made a week in advance for 9-12 AM. As of 2:15 still didn’t show. Granted it is Christmas Eve. If you are short handed don’t make an appointment that day. One from the office after I called twice. Will be a little late. I had to call at 2:15 to find out where they were. Thirty years as a professional in Milford and if I treated my clients this way my business would have died.Read More...

Goldamyrrh Reyes
Goldamyrrh Reyes 5.0

Dinesh S
Dinesh S 5.0

Angella Mctaggart
Angella Mctaggart 4.0

Joe DeMartino
Joe DeMartino 1.0

Have been trying to speak with someone for 2 hours due to a burning smell coming from our furnace. Despite 3 calls to a general receptionist, have not been contacted back. I am a member or the Total Care Club.

Jessica Ayala
Jessica Ayala 4.0

One of the thermostats that was installed wasn't working properly. Climate Partners came out and fixed it with no issues. I asked our technician if they service pellet stoves. Unfortunately they don't, but he was kind enough to look up some companies ...that do for me. Great service.Read More...

LizardKingLobo 5.0

Mike Dedona
Mike Dedona 5.0

Melissa Ettinger
Melissa Ettinger 5.0

Fantastic customer service! I have been using Climate Partners for years and I have a contract with them. They are reliable and friendly! Recently I had a brand new furnace installed and there were some issues with getting it to run properly. The ...guys at Climate Partners (Victor, Alex, JP and Todd) were determined to get the bottom of what was going on and to make sure my home was comfortable and safe. They offered explanations along the way while they ran some tests to find the source of the problem. Eventually they determined it was my old venting system and they fixed the problem and left me with a warm and safe home and a smile on my face. Thanks guys! I highly recommend Climate Partners for all your heating and air conditioning needs (and they have a wide variety of other services for your home)!Read More...

MisterW Garmin
MisterW Garmin 5.0

They contacted me because I needed a quote for home heat and ac installation. They asked me a bunch of questions via text. They responded quickly and made an appointment to give me a quote.

Jane Tamarkin
Jane Tamarkin 5.0

Will came right away -- it was en emergency -- he's smart, professional, thoughtful. Thank you!

Agnieszka Baum
Agnieszka Baum 1.0

In October this year I needed to have a complete maintenance services done on all my units at my house (we were selling). We shopped around to get the best price. Each quote we were getting (with my husband) we asked specifically to include every single ...unit so we can be done with buyers requests. (Sidenote: I was next to my husband when he called each company). Other companies quoted us $220 - 250 and this company was around $170;. So of course we went with 170. We had a technician do the work - paid him, signed the papers and he left. Month later we realized that the AC was not touched. I called explaining the situation that we were quoted incorrectly and all I could hear (even though I spoke with management team) that they have nothing in their notes and that they don't really care what was in the past and they could put me on the schedule and charge me another $170 plus tax. Seriously?! I called another licensed HVAC company and they quoted me $100. Conclusion - overpriced and zero compassion.Read More...

Denise Gagne
Denise Gagne 5.0

Recently purchased a split ductless unit from Climate Partners. They have been EXCELLENT every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the installation and even coming back to assist with operational nuances, their customer service and ...attention to detail has been above and beyond what is expected. I would definily use them again and highly recommend them for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.Read More...

John Santolin
John Santolin 5.0

Soloman Liverman
Soloman Liverman 4.0

Installed furnace in half the time than what I expected (good work). I was greeted with friendly customer service. I would definitely recommend them.

Joe Feczko
Joe Feczko 5.0

Cant say enough good things about these guys. They came in and re-did my HVAC system after another contractor botched the job. Thank you!

Maxine Meyerhardt
Maxine Meyerhardt 5.0

Theodora McClam
Theodora McClam 5.0

Daren explained everything to us and we were very pleased with his presentation, willingness to help. He is a great representative of this company and knows his stuff!

John Eudy
John Eudy 5.0

xlent, on time, talked about what he was doing, did the job cleaned up & done.

Jennifer Colafrancesco
Jennifer Colafrancesco 5.0

Michael Clark
Michael Clark 5.0

Tony & Co are the bomb. Trusting them and never disappointed over the past 20+ years

Lawrence Yurdin
Lawrence Yurdin 5.0

Anthony was great. Prompt, courteous, got the job done quickly. Appears knowledgeable. Would use him in a minute. Thanks.

Bonnie Kennedy
Bonnie Kennedy 5.0

Love these guys never steer you wrong will explain e everything and never push you to buy something

Jonathan Hylan
Jonathan Hylan 5.0

Anthony was helpful and informative as always. A total pleasure to work with.

Asia Wiggins
Asia Wiggins 1.0

I will never recommend Climate Partners. Plumber Lee removed the toilet, and did not bother to place it back after he figured he didn’t have the right tools to do the job. He didn’t consider capping the pipe to the sewer he left opened which put my at risk for inhaling sewer gases. We decided to go with an independent plumber named Jimmy who fixed the problem for half the price Climate Partners was quoting us; and he also didn’t squeal like he never seen a plumbing problem before. One star rating is a generous rating.Read More...

Sharon Wiggins
Sharon Wiggins 1.0

Nicki Hughes LaMonica
Nicki Hughes LaMonica 1.0

I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke with a lovely and articulate person on the phone. I explained my frustration with recent requests for service with other companies and was assured of their commitment to make me smile. She thoroughly looked ...through her list of technicians to assign the right person for our service call. I was scheduled for 11/2 between 9am and noon and was asked for my email address to confirm the appt. I never got an email confirmation. My husband did receive a call the day before noting that they would arrive after 3. At 5pm I called to inquire about the status of my pending appointment. I was told that I was on her list to call. The technician 'got behind with emergencies' and was currently 20 miles away and had 2 more appointments before he would get to me. If all of these 'emergencies' happened throughout the course of the day, why was it that I never heard from them until I called at 5pm on a Saturday. Thoroughly disappointed and still desperately searching for someone in this line of business who actually shows up when they say they will.Read More...

Robert Schukal
Robert Schukal 4.0

SNAFU with appointment but was promptly rectified and completed thorough inspection.

channa pi
channa pi 4.0

Bruce Thomsen
Bruce Thomsen 3.0

I had my system installed this summer. They have been been pretty easy to deal with. I have had a couple of issues but they have mostly been resolved. There is still one outstanding issue. So I would give them 5 stars but my input vent is still ...rattling and they haven’t come back out to fix it. Bob my sales guy was great as have been most of the field specialists.Read More...

Gwendolyn Harrison
Gwendolyn Harrison 5.0

William was very knowledgeable very neat and extremely polite. He answered all of my questions and explained why I had the plumbing issue to begin with. I would recommend Climate Partners for all of your plumbing issues.

Christine Pelfrey
Christine Pelfrey 5.0

Victor called before he arrived. I had a text from Climate Partners with a picture of Victor before he arrived so I knew who I was letting in to service my furnace. He was well within the window of time I was given. He was very polite and helpful. He ...assessed the situation and addressed the problem in a reasonable amount of time. Would highly recommend Climate Partners.Read More...

Chopper Shihtzu
Chopper Shihtzu 5.0

It was Victor who came and fixed the problem in my house, he did his job and it was amazing, my AC start working again. The second time around he came to change the gauge on my oil tank and you don't need to watch him because he does his job ...professionally.Read More...

Geoff Baum
Geoff Baum 5.0

Lawrence Gabion
Lawrence Gabion 5.0

Reid Kaplan
Reid Kaplan 5.0

Great devices Great people

Shaffrona Phillip
Shaffrona Phillip 4.0

susana lang
susana lang 5.0

Nadine Karlinsky
Nadine Karlinsky 5.0

From the very first visit from Brian things went so smoothly. Brian even arranged for the furnace to be installed immediately before the cold weather. I literally emailed him in the morning and that night he worked late with me to get the contracts ...signed for a next day install. Our installation techs, Joe and Drew, called ahead this morning and let us know they were running ahead of schedule. So our install was able to be done 2 hours ahead of schedule! They were courteous and professional and left everything neat and clean. Best of all we'll have heat before the cold snap tonight!Read More...

Jim Zdrowski
Jim Zdrowski 5.0

Scheduling was easy; the technician was on time, courteous, and efficient. Answered my questions and clearly outlined service plan options and other offerings by Climate Partners. Very satisfied customer.

Susan Kaufman
Susan Kaufman 5.0

I have just become a customer of Climate Partners. My 33 year old heating system was beginning to fail and it sounded like it was in its final days. The company that had been servicing it was trying to bring it back to life and I had laid out almost ...$700 in the process. I called Climate Partners based on the recommendation of a client who had had them install a new heating system in his home. I met with Brian Casey to discuss my options for replacing my gas boiler and hot water heater, and he suggested a high efficiency system that would provide for both my heating and hot water needs. The system was installed the day after our meeting by two totally capable and professional young men, and I am now basking in the comfort and quiet of that system. I look forward to a long, satisfying business relationship with Climate Partners, who will service my heating and my air conditioning systems.Read More...

Kathleen Hughes
Kathleen Hughes 5.0

Very thorough and presented all the options to address issue. Because of the age of the water heater opted to replace. Reasonably priced, all service and removal of old tank included. Would recommend company to others

Anne Hendershott
Anne Hendershott 5.0

Excellent service experience. Anthony diagnosed the problem quickly. Gave us options and helped us decide on best course. Grateful for the great service from Casey’s Climate Partners. Looking forward to air conditioning maintenance services later to ...prevent these kinds of issuesRead More...

Mary Rivers
Mary Rivers 5.0

Very informative and professional for a new furnace install. His price was the lowest we received.

Peter Shiue
Peter Shiue 5.0

Victor has been over to my house several times to address multiple problems. He has been prompt, detail-oriented and efficient. Pricing has been very fair.

Judith Ursini
Judith Ursini 5.0

Will and his partner were great to deal with. They were on time, polite, got the job done and cleared the drain pipe, did not leave a mess. Great experience.

checkfoldcallraise 5.0

Mark was very professional at diagnosing the problem with my boiler. He was friendly and knowledgeable. Went above and beyond to get the job done.

Mike B
Mike B 5.0

Great experience, professional, courteous and efficient! I would and will recommend Climate Partners to anyone and everyone needing service! An experience in this day and age that's sorely lacking!! WELL DONE! Thank you

Gina Marsh
Gina Marsh 5.0

We just bought a new house and we’re told we needed our ducts cleaned. I called Climate Partners for an appointment and was given an estimate of $575. On the day of the appointment, the tech checked all the ducts and said all but one was very clean. He ...cleaned the one dirty duct and the total cost was approximately $160. I was very happy that he was an honest tech and kept the cost down. I will definitely use them again.Read More...

Natalie Dunagan
Natalie Dunagan 4.0

They called ahead and were on time and very friendly and fast. The only reason I didn't give them 4 stars was I thought the price was a bit high. 4 stars!

Robens Pierre
Robens Pierre 5.0

cbaezga 5.0

excellent services !!!!

Brittany Nuzzo
Brittany Nuzzo 5.0

I am a new home owner and have never had to worry about serving my furnace or hot water heat before, so I am not very well versed in it. Anthony showed up on time and was very helpful with answering all of my questions. He was very thorough with his ...inspection. Very please with this company and look forward to using them on a regular basis in the future.Read More...

Stephney Gonzalez
Stephney Gonzalez 5.0

Hoffman Mitchel
Hoffman Mitchel 5.0

Victor was great. Very knowledgeable and professional. Gave solid and fair advice. Answered my questions and didn’t seem to mind that I hung around out of curiosity just to see what the process was like. I hope to be able to use Climate Partners in the ...future due to my experience with Victor, and their fair price for the job I requested.Read More...


Dan Licitra
Dan Licitra 5.0

The staff at Climate Partners are all professional, courteous and do an amazing job. They are thorough, neat and able to easily answer all my questions.

John Brooks
John Brooks 4.0

Service was professional, polite, and great! Long time customer and will always be!

Teresa Edmunds
Teresa Edmunds 5.0

Extremely professional!

William Comeau
William Comeau 5.0

Great job very thorough going through my burner, answered all my questions

christina strode
christina strode 5.0

Very pleased with Climate Partners and their knowledgeable technicians would recommend their service to others William with plumbing was very knowledgeable and helpful ANTHONY came on time today to tuneup furnace for season he was very thorough and ...polite I like that each service person sends a picture to your phone before they come so you know who to expect at your doorRead More...

Jon Garcia
Jon Garcia 5.0

Odell Short
Odell Short 5.0

Well hello my wife and I used Climate Partners for the first time. In the early morning of the the day. I got a little worried. They were moving kind of slow. But jose got everything straight out and let me tell you something. Jose is very ...experienced and has a lot of knowledge. He very good. Jose and the company did just what they said they would due. Thank you Jose. Alton and tracee short.Read More...

Karen Wainwright
Karen Wainwright 4.0

Victor was very pleasant to work with. He was knowledgeable about the services offered and what I would possibly need.

A Google User
A Google User 5.0

Jose did a great job. Reliable, professional and will definitely use again..

Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke 5.0

Two thumbs up! Connected w/Rebecca via HomeAdvisor late Tuesday afternoon and had Jose here fixing the leak today. He could have come out yesterday but my schedule wouldn’t allow. Good communication both before (got a call about an hour prior to his ...arrival) and during the work (Jose described what he was proposing to do to fix the leak, updated me as he progressed and summarized what he had done when finished). Water was only off for approximately 4 hours. Now it’s back on and no leak!Read More...

Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor 5.0

Lori Kosut
Lori Kosut 5.0

Climate Partners was a breeze to deal with. Nice receptionist named Chanel and our tech was polite and very efficient. Will definitely recommend and use again.

Henry Knoth
Henry Knoth 5.0

Bonnie Cavallo
Bonnie Cavallo 5.0

I had to go out of town but had a big plumbing priblem at my house. The team at climate control made fixing that problem seamless😊😊Thank you guys you are awesome!!!!!

Rune Johansen
Rune Johansen 5.0

Elena Mironova
Elena Mironova 5.0

Brian and Eric left a good impression: very knowledgeable and professional.

Michael Merchant
Michael Merchant 5.0

After a minor breaker issue kept the unit from working on the hottest day of the year, the Service Department went above and beyond to find time to come out that day to repair the problem despite a full schedule. Thank you to the Climate Partners team ...for incredible service.Read More...

Andrea Ozment
Andrea Ozment 5.0

Victor was very helpful and gave me a good analysis of the overall health of my central a/c unit. I appreciated his care and expertise, which came at a very reasonable price. I recommend him and Climate Partners.

Nancy Zazzaro
Nancy Zazzaro 5.0

Mark was the one bright spot of my ordeal. He diagnosed an issue with my external dryer vent. A vent tech with special tools was supposed to come out and fix it. The second tech didn’t fix it. That tech claimed that he did fix the vent and that my ...vents were clean. I continued to have the same problem of water leaking from my dryer. Since I was told the outside venting was fixed and my vents were clean I called an appliance repair person. $80 I didn’t need to spend. The repair guy told me my dryer is fine and it’s a vent problem. Mark came back and spent hours working on and correcting the issue. He is so nice and personable. He truly cares and it shows. He’s a great person and I am so thankful he was able to help. This continuing issue needlessly dragged on due to the second tech and cost more money than it should. But Mark made it bearable. Mark is truly awesome. He is very knowledgeable and it’s a pleasure to work with him. He deeply cares and it shows.Read More...

Carlos Olivieri
Carlos Olivieri 5.0

l s
l s 5.0

gary scucci
gary scucci 5.0

Bob was nice and very professional.

JA rule
JA rule 5.0

I needed to have my furnace replaced. So I did a Google search and I found Climate Partners along with the other two companies that I had submit estimates. They all had great ratings but Climate Partners gave me the best price. Brain, who did the ...estimate, was very professional yet relaxed and fun to talk with. Also the crew that showed up were some of the nicest folks that I've met. I highly recommend Climate Partners!Read More...

Christopher Cody
Christopher Cody 5.0

Eileen Martin
Eileen Martin 5.0

The technician came early and got the job done.

Brian Henry
Brian Henry 5.0

Jose did a great job for us. Very clean , very organized and very fast to get the job done.

Kate B
Kate B 5.0

Fast, next day service. Very happy with the results and with the personnel in the company. Friendly, accommodating, and responsible. Would use them again.

Coreen Eisler
Coreen Eisler 5.0

Mark was great! He arrived on time and did a great job